Episode 373: You Gotta Know Your Audience

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This story comes from Dr. Misner’s trip to Paris with his wife this summer. They met up with a friend who had been at a private jet show. All the attendees received an iPad loaded with apps to help them shop for their jets. Every prospect was impressed with this except one: Bill Gates. The founder of Microsoft wasn’t amused to be given his catalog on an Apple product.

This story underlines how important it is to know your audience. A little more thought, a little more research, and the jet show organizers could have provided a Windows tablet for Mr. Gates and possibly won a customer.

Even if we don’t sell jets, it can pay off to do just this kind of research on our own clients and prospects. Knowing what makes an appropriate thank-you gift can make a huge difference.

If you’ve witnessed a situation where someone didn’t think about their audience and blew an opportunity, share it with us here in the comments.

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Episode 372: Tell a Story (Get Connected–Stay Connected 12)

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This is the final episode in the Get Connected–Stay Connected series, and Dr. Misner is doing it without a guest.

There are some great places to tell stories on BNI Connect.

When you edit your profile, under My Bio, you’ll find several topics like “My burning desire is to” and “Something that no one knows about me,” and “My keys to success.” There are a lot of places to tell your story in writing.

Here is Dr. Misner’s formula for storytelling. The most important suggestion is: re-live a story, don’t re-tell a story. The more you can engage in the emotion of the situation, the more impact it will have. Here are four points to remember.

  1. A story is a fact
  2. Wrapped in an emotion.
  3. It compels us to take action.
  4. It transforms us in some way.

For some good examples of stories, look at BNISuccessNet.com and look at “My BNI Story” and “I’m Connected.”

On BNI Connect itself, there’s a group called “Why BNI” which includes some great stories from BNI members.

The best place to find stories is your own experiences.

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Episode 371: Five Things I Learned from BNI

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Jacob Jun of Candor Studios, a member of BNI Valley Networking in Salinas, joins Dr. Misner today to share “Five things I learned from BNI.”

  1. How to package what I sell and present it. (He created 50 different 60-second presentations.) The more you give in your 60 seconds, the more you will gain in terms of referrals.
  2. How to educate others. Every meeting is a chance to educate your fellow members on how to give you referrals.
  3. Customer service.  With other customers, he wasn’t always accountable, but with the people in his BNI group, he’s accountable every week, so he has to provide great customer service.
  4. I have experts to lean on. As a BNI member, you can develop a working knowledge of your fellow members’ businesses and ask their advice.
  5. I am not alone. Jacob started his business in a recession, and from his first day in BNI he was welcomed and the members have supported each other.

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Episode 370: Revisiting Your Business Mission

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Here are four questions to answer when considering your business mission.

  1. What is my business mission? (What are your long-term goals? How do you want to change the world?)
  2. Where is my organization going? Am I achieving my mission? (Are you making plans and adjustments to achieve it more effectively?)
  3. What environment is my organization operating in? (What social, economic, technological trends can affect your progress toward your goal?)
  4. What are my core competencies? (What do I like to do? What do I do better than my competitors? Is my business mission compatible with my values and aptitudes?)

Although everyone in business will have to do some things at first that they don’t have core competencies in, it’s especially important that your mission be in line with your values. (As your business grows, you can delegate parts of the business that you don’t have an aptitude for, like bookkeeping.)

Always ask yourself, when you have an idea, or someone makes a suggestion, for a direction to take your business in, “Does this align with my mission?” For example, some people have suggested that BNI offer training on how to close a sale. That’s valuable training, but BNI’s mission is not sales training but networking and referrals. There are other organizations whose mission is sales training.

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Episode 369: The BNI Connect Vision (Classic Podcast)

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This is a rebroadcast of Episode 193.


As of January 2011 51% of BNI members are members of Gen X and Gen Y: people born after 1965. This is a connected, tech-savvy population. Hence BNI has made a decision to combine online and face-to-face networking.

Here are some of the benefits to the new BNI Connect system:

  • A uniform database system worldwide
  • A uniformity of brand worldwide
  • Increase member retention
  • Increase results for chapters

The basic business model of BNI will not change. BNI chapters will continue to meet face to face on a weekly basis. BNI Connect makes it possible for local businesses to have a true global  network. There are three legs to this stool:

  1. Database of members around the globe
  2. Websites for chapters (you can point existing chapter domains there)
  3. Social network with free “My BNI” page for members

Ask your local executive director to find out when your chapter is scheduled for transition to BNI Connect.

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