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    I belong to a Group called BNI Wolf Pack located in Manchester, NH! I love this Pod Cast with the pictures, great job Dan! I do Plumbing, HVAC and Bathroom Remodeling. I had the chance to invite a kitchen and bathroom remodeling to visit our chapter. I knew BNI worked and wanted to show him how good. After he visited he wanted to visit our chapter. I am so happy I did not stop this from happening because he has been a great referral source for the whole chapter. He has invited guests and turned them into new members. The Kitchen Designer and Cabinet Wholesale Company joined our chapter due to his invitation. The amount of business that would have been lost if I was trying to take multiple seats would have not been good for our chapter. This happened three years ago and we were at 20 members. We are now at 39 and growing. What I love about BNI is we are in a world of abundance with this organization. It is not about hording, taking multiple seats or scarcity. It is about cooperation, synergy and working together to create something much better than we could by our selves. That is what makes the Givers Gain Philosophy the best. BNI saved my business and for that I am forever thankful. Go BNI!

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    What a great way to share the message. I enjoyed the visuals. I would love to get someone like Dan help me prepare and improve my powerpoint presentations. It could be a part of our training to help new members get more value from their 10 minutes, business cards and marketing all around.

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