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Winter Break: Next Podcast January 5th

Birmingham Winter Fountain

Birmingham Winter Fountain. Photo Credit Lee Jordan

Thanks for listening this year.  We are taking a two week break and will be back right after the New Year on January 5th, 2011 with the answer to your burning questions about how to run a 70-member BNI chapter.

Episode 185: “The Benefits of BNI’s New Branded Look”



If you have questions about BNI’s new branding initiative,

  • BNI members—please connect with your local Director
  • BNI Directors—please connect with your BNI National Office
  • BNI National Offices—please connect with BNI Headquarters

This week, Dr. Misner wants to talk about the benefits of a consistent branded look for BNI members and chapters.

  • The new visual look makes it easier to explain BNI to non-BNI members.
  • BNI becomes more visible and credible. The more brand recognition you have, the easier it is to bring new members into the group.
  • People will no longer be confused about which groups are affiliated with BNI. This saves us from the risk of unfair negative perception.
  • This will help cement BNI’s continued leadership as the world’s largest networking organization.


  1. Example of the New Branded Look
  2. BNI Branding PowerPoint Presentation
  3. The BNI® Branding Standards

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