Episode 61: “Stay in Your Flame”


Dr. Misner wants to thank the BNI members in Hong Kong and Malaysia where he gave a number of presentations this past week.

At the global networking conference in Kuala Lumpur, Dr. Misner attended a presentation by Penny Power, the founder of Ecademy.com. Penny’s topic was the need for entrepreneurs to stay in their flame: doing what they truly enjoy doing. Then the work doesn’t really seem like work.

Business owners who get caught up in the aspects of the business that don’t come naturally to them are working in their wax and not nurturing their full potential.

The solution is to remember that your wax is someone else’s flame. There is another entrepreneur out there who loves to do the things you hate doing. Delegate the things you don’t like or aren’t good at to employees or outside contractors.

The more time you stay in your flame, the more successful you will be. Flame work is infectious. So find the people in your BNI group whose flame is your wax. It may take time, but stick to it. The key is to see progress.

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Episode 30: “You Can Network Anytime, Anyplace”

Dr. Misner is at the BNI International Conference in San Diego, where BNI groups from 40 countries get together.


You can network anywhere, anytime—even at a funeral, but there are some things to remember:

  • Honor the event: make sure your behavior is appropriate
  • Network is about building social capital: finding ways to help others
  • Example: telling a businessman at a church function about the California Community Foundation
  • You have to have your wits about you and be there for the other person

This segment is based on a chapter in Dr. Misner’s book, Truth or Delusion.

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Episode 27: Less Is More

Synopsis –
In This Episode, Dr. Misner Interviews BNI Director Patti Salvucci On Her “Less Is More” Approach To Building Chapters.

  • Patti Has Built Over 100 Chapters With An Average Of 27 Members Each
  • Use The Practice of “Focused Inviting”
  • Only Invite People Who You Know Are The Best At What They Do
  • Ask Them To Do The Same In Turn
  • The Less You Say, The More People Will Participate
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    Episode 26: Why Business Networking Works

    Synopsis –
    In This Episode, Dr. Misner Explains Why Business Networking Works – In Every Business.

  • Ivan’s In New York City On His Book Tour
  • Masters Of Sales Has Just Hit #6 On The New York Times Bestsellers List
  • When Using Networking Marketing, Don’t Focus Just On The Sale Itself, Focus On How It Comes To You
  • Why “Fred” Left His BNI Chapter Even Though He Was Generating Tons Of Referrals
  • The “Randomness” Of Referrals
  • You Never Know Which Fish You’re Going To Catch – And Neither Do The Fish!
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    Episode 25: The Butterfly Effect

    Synopsis –
    In This Episode, Dr. Misner Explains The Butterfly Effect and How It Works In The World of Networking

  • Ivan Has Just Returned From Five Days On Necker Island With Sir Richard Branson
  • Ivan Has Started A New Blog at Networking.Entrepreneur.com
  • The Butterfly Effect of Networking Is How An Unsolicited Phone Call Six Years Ago Lead to Ivan Being Invited to Necker Island Last Week
  • To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Networking You Must Make The Most of Each Relationship You Build Along The Way
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