Episode 334: We’re at 55+. Now What?



This is part two of “How Big Is Too Big?

The essence of a successful chapter is creating more referrals and passing more business for members. The more members you have in your group, the more referrals you can pass, the more one-to-ones you can have, and the more energy there is in the group.

Larger chapters still have growth goals. Keep inviting visitors. You have to consider attrition. And if a prospective member applies for a position that’s not available, you can forward the application to the region and make sure the person is placed. (Listen to Episode 308: 3 + 1 = Member Success and read Dr. Misner’s SuccessNet article on this subject.) Visitors bring in money.

Remind concerned members why they should welcome growth and make the larger chapter a success. A shorter commercial can get you more business if more people hear it–as long as you create a good one.

As long s you maintain an abundance mentality and welcome visitors even if they are members of your profession, your referrals will grow exponentially.

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Episode 333: How Big Is Too Big? (Part 1)


Dr. Misner has three guests today: Regina Russo and Lisa Frederick from the  BNI Inner Circle chapter in western Pennsylvania and Phillip Pasek from the BNI Referral Net chapter in Palm Harbor, Florida. Deanna Tucci-Schmitt suggested the topic.

When the BNI Inner Circle chapter suddenly grew from 34 members to 50, they had some concerns about how to handle their growth. They listened to Episode 186 on 50-70 members at a BNI meeting but they still had some questions about fast growth and categories, so Regina arranged a conference call between Lisa and the presidents of groups in the Florida region that were successfully managing 50+ members.

If you’re in a chapter that has fewer than 55 members, here’s some information about what to do when you get to that point.

The major concerns that the long-term members had were

  • Will we have to cut down on the time for commercials and the presentations?
  • How do we keep the close connections and intimacy in the group so we can keep making referrals?
  • How do we define categories so that they’re still broad enough to allow everyone to get enough business?
  • Do we still have to have visitors? Aren’t we big enough?
  • What do goals look like for a 55+ member chapter?

Phil responds that change can be uncomfortable; the long-term members need to experience the added energy from the larger group. As for categories, the profession you put down on your application is your classification, and there’s no place for classification cowboys. As for goals, the more members you have, the more thank yous for close of business. Increased membership means increased goals.

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Episode 321: Assessing the Value of Your Membership


A member who was considering not renewing her BNI membership calculated her second-, third-, and fourth-generation referrals and realized that about 80% of her business came from BNI. Her conclusion? “Missing BNI meetings can be hazardous to your wealth.” In addition, she found other reasons to stay in BNI, many of which are included in the BNI Value Assessment below.

Print out the file and assess yourself as you were before BNI and as you are today. Has your ability to speak clearly and confidently about your business improved? Are you better connected to local business owners? You may find yourself surprised at the number of ways that BNI membership has affected you.

If you’re a member of a leadership team, take this document to your chapter and ask all the members to fill out this document, then ask people to share their top 3 takeaways.

Download (PDF, 29KB)

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Episode 318: 50-70 Members at a BNI Meeting (Classic Podcast)

This is a rebroadcast of Episode 186.


Welcome back to Tom Fleming, who joins Dr. Misner to tell us how you can run a BNI meeting with up to 70 members.

Open Networking usually takes place 20-30 minutes before the meeting.

Chapter Educational Moment is limited to 3 minutes.

60-Second Introduction becomes a 30-second introduction.

Referrals Members are encouraged only to state the number of referrals, thank-yous, and dance-cards. We might not ask all the visitors what they liked most about the meeting. Members go first, visitors afterwards.

Announcements are pre-screened by leadership team members for length and appropriateness.

It’s important to include every part of the BNI meeting agenda.

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Episode 308: 3 + 1 = Member Success


The one secret to success in BNI is that there is no one secret. There are at least three–plus one.

The three are

  1. Embrace quality
  2. Grow your team
  3. Seek engagement

The illustrations below show the advantage to growing your team. (Click for larger image.)

Connections - 16 - 256 Connections - 32 - 1024


And the one is sharing stories. Sharing stories is the way that you embrace quality, grow your team, and get people engaged. A story is a fact wrapped in an emotion that compels people to take action that transforms them in some way. If you don’t have any stories of your own yet, go to BNISuccessNet.

Share your own stories here in the comments.

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