Episode 154: 25 Years of BNI


This year BNI celebrates its 25th anniversary. In 25 years, the organization has gone from a spare room in Ivan’s house to a multi-national with more than 1000 employees worldwide. Last year BNI members passed 6.2 million referrals and generated $2.6 billion in business.

BNI’s first employee and four of the original founding members are still with the organization.

BNI is now working on the single largest project in its history: BNI Connect, which not only integrates an online social network with the in-person networking, but connects chapters around the world to each other. Watch for the catchphrase “Local Business, Global Network,” which BNI has trademarked.

We believe BNI is the world’s largest business networking organization because we spend so much time on education and training. Take advantage of it.


  • Check in with your chapter and see who’s been there longest. Find out about the history of your group.
  • Keep an eye on SuccessNet for further developments with BNI Connect.
  • Read Givers Gain if you haven’t already.

Brought to you by Ask Ivan Misner.

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Episode 13: Givers Gain, Chapter One

Synopsis -
In this episode, Dr. Misner discusses the origins of his book “Givers Gain” and describes Chapter One in detail, including:

  • “Givers Gain” Is Given Only to BNI Members
  • The Book Is Not Available For Sale to the General Public
  • Written to Perpetuate BNI’s Traditions As The Organization Grew Worldwide
  • Over Three Dozen Localized Versions Are In Print
  • Where The Givers Gain Philosophy Came From
  • Encouraging Members and Directors to Openly Share Ideas With Each Other
  • If You Don’t Have A Copy, Go to MSP Training and Ask Your Director For One

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