Episode 53: “Global Networking”


In this episode, Dr. Misner calls in from Toronto to talk about Global Networking with Niri S. Patel from Yorkshire and Robert French from Korea.

So why would people want to network internationally?

  1. To be really successful, you have to find a trend and work your way into it. The trend now is toward social networking and high-touch
  2. The center of gravity of the global economy is shifting eastwards to China and India. Graduates of Oxford and Cambridge are being recruited to work at Indian multinationals.
  3. The credit crunch opens the way to profitable East-West collaborations and means that the fast will win over the slow.

How can members develop resourceful international relationships quickly?

  1. Use events worldwide, such as BNI Worldwide’s International Members Event in Kuala Lumpur in May 2008.
  2. Ask your trusted network “Who do you know who…?”
  3. Ask the people you see trading internationally how they do it.
  4. Raise your profile with international contacts via Ecademy, LinkedIn and the BNI Yahoo! Group.

The world is moving fast. We have to move fast. Jump on it. Go to these international events.
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Episode 45: “Givers Gain Chapter 7: Going International”


Every BNI member gets a free copy of Givers Gain at the New Members’ Orientation/Member Success Program.

Going through the history of BNI gives members a sense of organizational culture. In this episode, Dr. Misner talks about how BNI became an international organization.

  • Canada was the first country outside the US to have BNI; Don and Nancy Morgan, the founders of BNI Canada, are still the national directors.
  • Canadian BNI directors are responsible for the expansion of BNI to the United Kingdom and Australia.
  • BNI has been translated into more than a dozen languages, starting with Canadian French.
  • Because BNI is about members doing business locally, it adapts itself to cultural differences.
  • It was also during this period that the BNI Foundation was created.
  • You can find the Hidden Elements to Running a Successful BNI meeting at the end of this chapter.

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Episode 30: “You Can Network Anytime, Anyplace”

Dr. Misner is at the BNI International Conference in San Diego, where BNI groups from 40 countries get together.


You can network anywhere, anytime—even at a funeral, but there are some things to remember:

  • Honor the event: make sure your behavior is appropriate
  • Network is about building social capital: finding ways to help others
  • Example: telling a businessman at a church function about the California Community Foundation
  • You have to have your wits about you and be there for the other person

This segment is based on a chapter in Dr. Misner’s book, Truth or Delusion.

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