Episode 94: “Marketing in a Tough Economy”


Dr. Misner is joined on this episode by Eric Groves, Senior Vice President, Global Market Development at Constant Contact. Eric has four tips for e-mail marketing:

  1. Build a quality list of people who know and trust you: they’re the ones who open your mail.
  2. Take the time out of your day to create a strategy for your e-mail. What do you want to have happen when people read your message?
  3. Execute on your strategy by writing content that’s not about you, but shares what you know. People will forward messages that make them seem smart.
  4. Ask for feedback and engage your customers in the process. Recognize people who give you insight.

To summarize the secret of great e-zine content, “Be brief, be bright, and be gone.”

To see the service Constant Contact provides, just sign up where it says “Podcast Email Alerts.” You can sign up for a 60-day free trial at www.ConstantContact.com.

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Episode 91: “Create an Informative Newsletter”


BNI has had a newsletter since 1985. SuccessNet started quarterly and now appears monthly online. It’s free to subscribe by e-mail, even if you’re not a BNI member yet.

If you want to create your own newsletter, ask yourself these 10 questions.

  1. What is the purpose of the newsletter?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. Why would my target audience want to read the newsletter?
  4. How will it benefit my audience?
  5. What features will it contain?
  6. Who will write the text?
  7. Will I use a professional to design the layout?
  8. How often will it go out?
  9. How will it be distributed?
  10. How do people sign up for it?

Two more things to remember:

  • Your newsletter should be informative and educational, to motivate people to read it.
  • Consider outsourcing production to a professional, unless you work in this area yourself.

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