Episode 396: Host Leadership


Dr. Mark McKergow, co-author of The Solutions Focus, joins Dr. Misner today to talk about the concept of host leadership. His new book, Host: Six New Rules Roles of Engagement, explores the idea of the host as a metaphor for leadership.

In BNI, as in the old Arabic proverb, the host is both the first and the last: first to arrive and last to leave.

In hero leadership, the hero always goes first, saves the day, and sorts everyone out. That can be a good thing in a crisis, but that’s not nurturing and it’s not serving and it’s not putting other people first. If we think of ourselves as hosts and our team members as our guests, a whole new paradigm of leadership and engagement opens up to us.

To be a great host, you need both planning and flexibility—the ability to respond to surprises. You need to step forward to make things happen, step back to see how things are going, and step forward again to build on the great stuff and sort out the bad stuff. The host is not the center of attention.

Visit hostleadership.com to find out more and get your copy of the book.

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Episode 395: Business Voices


Dr. Misner’s wife Beth joins him on the podcast today to talk about Business Voices, which is an initiative of the BNI Foundation.

Social consciousness and service are important to BNI. If you’re not in a healthy, strong community, your business can only go so far. A business that is successful and sustainable can serve a larger purpose in the community.

In a conversation about the “B” team, Richard Branson shared with Dr. Misner how important it is for businesses to think about people first, then the planet, and profits third. This conversation inspired Beth Misner with the Business Voices idea.

Business Voices is an initiative of the BNI Foundation, but it’s open to other organizations. It’s about giving businesses a voice in what happens in communities around the world.

The primary focus of BNI Voices is children and education. To get involved, visit BusinessVoices.org, follow the Business Voices Facebook Page, or join the Business Voices group on BNI Connect, or attend a monthly spotlight webinar.

Watch the video of Dr. Misner talking to Richard Branson about the “B” team.

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Episode 394: Working by Referral (Classic Podcast)

This is a rebroadcast of Episode 165.


This week Brian Buffini joins Dr. Misner to discuss creating a proactive system for referrals. You need a systematic approach to cultivate referrals on a daily basis. The essence of it is:

  • Build relationships
  • Provide value
  • Remind the people in your database that you’re looking for referrals

This requires sorting your database by your most valuable customers and who is most likely to refer you. Then you take a three-step approach to dealing with those people, and set aside time for it every day.

  1. Contact
  2. Care
  3. Community

For more information about Brian Buffini’s trainings, go to the Buffini and Company website. You’ll find live seminars and coaching and mentoring programs. Dr. Misner endorses this system wholeheartedly, and Priscilla is an active client.

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Episode 392: The 3 Ps of a Powerful Network


This is International Networking Week, and software entrepreneur Mike Muhney, one of the co-founders of ACT, joins Dr. Misner to discuss the 3 Ps of a powerful network:

  1. Make relationships Personal. Get beyond what your competitors know about your connections.
  2. Keep details Private. Don’t share things that people have shared in confidence.
  3. See things from the other person’s Perspective. The people you deal with are always sizing you up.

Real relationships build real results–and superficial relationships don’t. People matter, whether it’s business or personal. If you adopt an attitude that relationships are priceless, purposeful, and precious, you have the key to the ignition to start the engine.

Mike Muhney’s latest product, the Vipor CRM, is built on that principle. It’s available for free in the App Store.

See also Dr. Misner’s blog about emotionally charged connections.

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Episode 391: World’s Worst Networker (Classic Podcast)

This is a rebroadcast of Episode 201.


Tim Houston, Area Director for BNI NYC Outer Boroughs, joins Dr. Misner today to talk about his best-selling book, The World’s Worst Networker: Lessons Learned by the Best from the Absolute Worst. Tim is part of Dr. Misner’s Author Mentoring Program for BNI directors.

There are lots of books that show people how to network properly; Tim wanted to examine the subject from the opposite perspective. The book’s contributors include Bob Burg, Susan RoAne, Michelle R. Donovan, Robyn Henderson, and Ivan Misner.

The common trait of the world’s worst networkers is a mercenary attitude. They make networking all about them. That said, the world’s worst networkers fall into three categories:

  • The Most Unwanted
  • Environmental disasters
  • Online outlaws

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