Episode 359: Build Your Network (Get Connected–Stay Connected, Part 9)


John Meyer returns for another episode in the “Get Connected–Stay Connected” series. There are three ways to build your network strategically in BNI Connect, which is a closed system (a.k.a. a “walled garden”) that only BNI members can participate in, though members of the public can see your profile.

  1. Through your profession. More than 1500 groups have been established, and many of them are based on profession.
  2. Based on your target market. What types of industries can give you referrals? If you’re a realtor in America, a relocation specialist in Germany might be a good connection.
  3. Based on your contact spheres. These are people in the same professions who would form your contact sphere in your local chapter.

You don’t know who can give you the next piece of business, so go out and find them.

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Episode 358: Who’s in Your Room?


who's-in-your-roomStewart Emery joins Dr. Misner to talk about his new book, Who’s in Your Room?, which was the theme for International Networking Week 2014.

Imagine that you live in just one room. With you in this room are all the people in your life. In this room there is just one door, and the door operates just one way: anyone and anything that enters cannot leave. Ever.

As far as your mind is concerned, this is true: nothing we have let in can be completely removed.

With regard to BNI, if we let in members who are not good for the group, getting rid of them is a painful and difficult experience for the group.

Look for people who are a match for your values before you invite them in. Establish a mental “doorman” to ensure that only the right people and projects get through. In BNI, the membership committee acts as the doorman.

The book is available as a special BNI edition.

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Episode 357: The Secret to Great Leadership Teams


The Secret to Great Leadership Teams CD Set CoverSara Minnis and Flynn Nogueira from Del Fuego join Dr. Misner to talk about the newest CD in the BNI Fast Track Program, “The Secret to Great Leadership Teams.”

Here are some key points from the new series.

  • The speed and tone of the leadership team affect the speed and tone of the chapter.
  • Accountability is the key to successful chapters.
  • Leadership teams are the key to accountability.

People who make good leadership team members make good leaders in general. Serving on your BNI chapter’s leadership team develops your abilities as a leader–and it will also bring you more business, because it increases your professional credibility.

Visit BNI.delfuego.com to pre-order the new “Secret to Great Leadership Teams” CDs or buy the original Fast Track program.

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Episode 355: Promote a Fellow Member (Get Connected–Stay Connected, Part 8)


John Meyer returns to the podcast to continue the “Get Connected–Stay Connected” series. Participation in BNI Connect has been increasing, so the campaign is having an effect.

Today’s topic is giving testimonials on BNI Connect. John would like to start by clearing up the difference between a thank you and a testimonial. Everyone understands the importance of saying “thank you” for referrals, but not everyone understands the definition of a testimonial. A testimonial is an explanation of why somebody should do business with a person. The stories that you see on SuccessNet under “I’m Connected” include many examples of testimonials for BNI.

Testimonials that you write for fellow BNI members appear on their BNI Connect profiles and are visible to the public.

Struggling to find the time to get your testimonials posted? Have your chapter schedule a BNI Connect testimonial week.

Every time a member gives a testimonial during a chapter meeting, have the leadership team prompt the person who gives the testimonial to add that testimonial to BNI Connect.

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Episode 346: Check Your Progress (Get Connected–Stay Connected, Part 6)


This is the halfway point of the twelve month Get Connected–Stay Connected campaign, so today John Meyer and Dr. Misner are talking about checking your progress with BNI Connect. 

What does your profile look like now compared to when you started? Are you passing referrals online?

How is your chapter doing? Encourage the rest of your chapter to get involved with BNI Connect. Get the rest of your referral sources involved. One chapter spent the time usually reserved for the speaker filling out their profiles.

Are you using BNI Connect on an ongoing basis? Over time, using BNI Connect should become second nature. It takes a little practice, but it gets easier.

For an overview of the Get Connected–Stay Connected campaign, see the November “From the Founder” column in SuccessNet.

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